Letting Go

Life never happens the way you expect it to. A big thing for me lately is letting go of old expectations and feeling of the way my life ‘should be’.  The way others want my life to be or the way that i had always thought things would happen.

When we got back from traveling..I’m going to be honest; the last thing on our minds was settling down and starting a family. ( This doesn’t mean that we aren’t excited for our little bundle of love!!) It just hadn’t crossed our minds. We had talked about that future and getting married and having babies but at 25 didn’t seem like the right time for us.

I don’t like the pressure and the expectations from others of how my life should be. I should be married, own a house and have money saved before I start a family. But guess what?! I don’t have any of those things.

I am trying to let go of this “perfect” little family idea that people think you need to have. That somehow your life is over once you have a child. I am not settling for this. For mediocrity. For “normal”. I still want to feel alive and have adventure. Our nugget is just part of our new journey. We’ve simply added one more to our tribe.

Im letting go. Letting go of the negativity. Letting go of expectations. Letting go of the opinions of others. Letting go of any pressure to have my life look a certain way. After all, this life is OURS. MY choices. My decisions. My journey. I don’t have much but I have the most important thing of all…LOVE. 


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