Rainy Walks & Human Connection

Coming off almost 2 years of traveling isn’t easy. 2 years of feeling completely free. Being in touch with nature and being in touch with yourself. No responsibilities. No sense of time. No obligations. Just us, being us. Being madly in love with each other, and madly in love with life. Feeling alive. So truly alive. 

Coming back to “real” jobs and “real” life, was a rude awakening. Sometimes you jump in too quickly. Submerging yourself in stress, bills, and unnecessary material things. You get lost in it. In this whirlwind. People moving too fast. Days and weeks flying by. You forget the feeling of what its like to just BE. To just sit in silence. To spend hours just staring at the ocean or looking up through the trees.

Last night we found it again. The aliveness. The connection.



Tom came home from work, tired and mentally drained. I could tell his energy was low and that he was in need of some TLC. I decided to close the curtains, turn on some calming music and give him a massage. I think we both longed for this connection. The music, the peace, the touch, the heat, and the love. Sharing this connection is healing for both of us. For mind, body, and soul. We would do this often while laying on the beach in Central America. Salty skin, sunny skies and the ocean breeze.

After about an hour we both felt better. At peace, but also buzzing with energy. Tom even wanted to go for a run. (He hadn’t run in MONTHS!) Although the sky outside looked a bit dismal, we decided to go to the beach anyway.

He ran off and I walked slowly to eventually meet up with him. There was almost no one on the beach. It was so serene. After about 20 minutes, it began to rain. Actually it poured. I felt like a kid again. I was smiling ear-to-ear, arms out-stretched, embracing every drop of this cleansing rain.

When we finally caught back up with each other, we were drenched. Smiling and oozing happiness. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again but I truly believe that the universe gives us exactly what we need, when we need it. And we needed this day. This rain. To get back to us. Cleanse our souls. Reconnect with mother nature. And remember what it feels like to be truly, vastly, intensely ALIVE.


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