Funny thing about Perspective


Funny thing about perspective is that all you ever know is your own. After posting about our amazing walk in the rain, I asked Tom to read what I had written. Toward the end he started laughing. He said “You make it sound like that is how we both felt, and I didn’t feel that way.” I was caught off guard a bit. From my perspective, it was a magical and soul-cleansing experience, but for him it was completely different.

Now he didn’t disclose what he did feel, but just that it wasn’t the same. He wasn’t thinking that at all. HA! I guess I just assumed that my experience was also his. But how could it be?

We are different beings. Different souls. Different minds. Different thoughts. Different energies. We see through different eyes, and perceive through different brains.

I guess we only ever know our own perspective. And I think that’s okay.


9 thoughts on “Funny thing about Perspective

  1. Yes – perspectives – it’s a really fascinating subject.. No 2 people viewing the same picture in exactly the same way and how our minds fill in some of the gaps based on our previous experiences… It’s great to meet you and I look forward to reading more of your post! Thanks for following my blog too! x

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  2. I think a lot about perspectives also (thus my blog name) but get this, from a whole different perspective. For me it isn’t so much that mine is different than yours, but that each of us has the ability to look at almost anything from many perspectives, and when we do, we can choose how to see things and then how to react to things. I love that my Dad taught me that as a kid, because it gave me the power to step out of and away from many perspectives that were not good for me.

    I used to fight with my sisters and swear I was right and they were wrong. And my Dad would calmly say, “well, that’s one way to look at it.” No judgment. Just hinting that I did not have to stay in a place that hurt or made me angry.

    Wow, I haven’t launched into THAT for a while. Great and stimulating post. Thanks!

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      1. I am also a retired professional childbirth attendant (that’s just a fancy way to say Doula, and I have been at many, many births. I do hope you will share some of that experience with us also. And I keep meaning to say…Have you ever seen one of those little blurbs where they show that the eye/brain can read whole sentences even when the letters in words are mixed up? I keep reading your blog title as Wander and LOVE and I like it both ways!

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  3. Really good post!! I’ve come to learn to see perspective as a BIG picture with individual pictures within it, all complete in of themselves. This is how I capture photographs taking pictures within pictures and in so doing, have applied that to life. Some perspectives are so far out of my understanding, I must admit, that I just shake my head saying, “huh?” ❤

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