Week 17

The days and weeks are starting to fly by! I feel like it wasn’t long ago that we found out we were pregnant, and now 12 weeks have gone by in a flash. Its surreal. Last night I could feel the baby move for the first time. It was a strange and amazing feeling. There is LIFE inside of me. A whole new life, new universe, new soul, all being created inside of my body. Its truly magic.

I feel so lucky. So lucky that we have made it this far. So lucky that we are both happy and healthy. We are moving right along. We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat the other day, and I could not stop giggling with joy.  Especially when I saw the look on Tom’s face. Pure shock and awe. It was priceless.


We are going to find out the sex of the baby in a few weeks and I am going crazy waiting for the appointment! More than anything, I want to know that this little nugget is perfectly healthy. It’s such a scary thing. The unknown. The waiting. I just want to know that it is alright. That everything is fine!

I feel so good. My energy is back. My appetite is back (and ravenous). I feel like myself, just with a belly popping out. None of my clothes fit, so I’ve been living in my loosest yoga pants and a big tie-dye dress. I think I just trade off between those things everyday. I feel very large but somehow, really loving my new body. I’ve never felt so feminine.

I’m very in touch with myself and my body. I can feel my breath. I can feel my heart pumping. I can feel the baby move. I can feel my body changing. I can feel my energy moving. I can feel these shifts happening. It is all so amazing and intricate and beautiful.

The first 13 weeks of pregnancy were not easy for me. Not at all. I felt sick everyday, almost all day long. I was so exhausted, no matter how much I slept. I couldn’t do much of anything, and it felt like it would last forever. But its gone. And I’m back. I’m happy. I’m me. and all is well.


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