Time is flying

Time is flying. I cannot believe that we are almost halfway through!   It seems like only a few weeks ago, I was peeing on a stick and getting the biggest shock of our lives. I am at 19 weeks now and astonished at what a woman’s body can do. The bump has fully popped, out of … More Time is flying

Choosing Love

Sometimes this world is confusing. Sometimes it is hard to see how things will work out. Sometimes it is difficult to see the positives. But we have to choose to see the Love, instead of falling into this trap of fear and hatred that seems to be swirling around at the moment. We must rise … More Choosing Love

Go with the flow

There are some people that do not understand my decisions. And never will. Why I’m choosing to live in Australia. Why I chose to travel instead of pay off my student loans. Why I am having my first child away from friends and family. Why I chose live life, instead of settle for normalcy. The … More Go with the flow

Ocean Magic

I go to the same beach everyday. Walk the same distance everyday. See a lot of the same people everyday. Look at the same body of water everyday. But what I love about the ocean, is that its always different. The sky. The clouds. The tide. The breeze. The sand. The footprints. The rocks. The … More Ocean Magic