Choosing Love

Sometimes this world is confusing. Sometimes it is hard to see how things will work out. Sometimes it is difficult to see the positives.

But we have to choose to see the Love, instead of falling into this trap of fear and hatred that seems to be swirling around at the moment. We must rise up. Rise above the negativity. Rise above the hate. Rise above the fear. Look inside, instead of lashing out. Find the light, instead of being consumed by the darkness. Meditate. Breathe. Move. Reflect. Love.

Love always wins. Love always will win.


I still believe in the good in this world. There will always be more good. Always. I refuse to bring my child into a world that is filled with this negativity. I will teach them to love unconditionally. To find the good in themselves and the good in others. To treat everyone equally and not settle for a world filled with hate and ignorance.

Stand up. Surround yourself with love. So much love.

We will be okay. We will all be okay.

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