Time is flying

Time is flying. I cannot believe that we are almost halfway through!   It seems like only a few weeks ago, I was peeing on a stick and getting the biggest shock of our lives. I am at 19 weeks now and astonished at what a woman’s body can do.

The bump has fully popped, out of no where and I’m loving it. Its weird how quickly I felt just plain old FAT, to beautifully pregnant. I can feel the baby kicking all the time now and hopefully it won’t be long before Tom can feel it too. ( He is so jealous !) It is such a magical feeling.

My mum is coming out to visit us in tomorrow and I am beyond excited! This is the longest I have ever gone without seeing her and I am just counting down the minutes until she is here.

In less than a week,  we have our 20 week ultrasound. This will tell us if the baby is healthy and what the sex is. It is all so exciting and nerve-wracking and happening so fast.

We are also flying down to visit Tom’s family and have a baby shower/BBQ with friends and family and will reveal the gender then.

We are moving into a new apartment too about a week after all of this! It is a beautiful studio apartment in the bush. It is so beautiful. Some people think that it is not smart to live in a studio apartment with a newborn baby, but we are not like everyone else. We do not need a lot of things, or space to be happy, and our baby will be raised this same way.

There is so much going on all the time.

After all of that, it will be Christmas and New Years and then before we know it the baby will be here. Time is moving so fast. So so fast.

I just have to keep telling myself to breathe. To relax. To surrender. To trust. It will all fall into place.


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