A Quiet Christmas

Ever since I can remember, Christmas has been an exciting yet hectic time of the year. Everyone rushing out to get presents, organizing parties, making food and trying to make it work seeing as many family members as possible. We would always wake up Christmas morning, open presents, have a quick breakfast, pick our favorite … More A Quiet Christmas

Embrace Time Alone

Throughout this pregnancy, I have spent most of my days alone (not counting the little human growing in my belly). Although occasionally I have an off day where I can go a bit crazy, most of the time I love my independence.  I think that it is really important to be okay with being alone. … More Embrace Time Alone

Sound Sanctuary

After all of the mind clutter I was experiencing last week, I decided I should try something new. My usual meditation and yoga couldn’t seem to clear the head fog so when I saw a flyer for a Sound Sanctuary class, it intrigued me. I didn’t really have any idea what it would be like but … More Sound Sanctuary

Pure Bliss

The peace and serenity I have been longing for has arrived. More amazing and more powerful than I had imagined. I had been setting my intentions for finding a serene, nature-filled, loving place to call home, for the remainder of this journey of pregnancy and gateway to motherhood. And I have found it. I am … More Pure Bliss


My head has been spinning. Everything moving at an intense pace. The world whirling around me while I’m stuck in the middle. On auto-pilot. Standing still while feeling like everything else is in hyper-drive. Baby stuff starts to fill the house. Car breaks down. Visitors. Family. Cancelled flights. Traveling. Sickness. Baby showers. Buying cars. Moving … More Overload