Pure Bliss


The peace and serenity I have been longing for has arrived. More amazing and more powerful than I had imagined. I had been setting my intentions for finding a serene, nature-filled, loving place to call home, for the remainder of this journey of pregnancy and gateway to motherhood. And I have found it. I am so happy. My soul is happy. I am buzzing with energy and at the same time, feel more connected and grounded than ever.

It’s like the calm after the storm.  My mind is clear and focused. I am present. I am here.

I can hear birds and crickets and frogs and the breeze moving through the leaves. This is living. We are meant to live with nature.  Be surrounded by it. Be engulfed in it.

I finally am. Everything is green and alive and breathing. So effortlessly full of life. Everywhere I look outside my windows is a reminder of the abundance of Mother Nature. Everything works together.

This is how it’s supposed to be.

From the tops of the tallest trees, taking in sunlight and releasing life-giving oxygen, to the smallest of worms churning and creating the perfect soil. Everything is in sync. Everything has its place. Everything has a purpose. Everything is one.

And I’m starting to understand. To find my place. To find purpose. To be one with it all.

To feel its energy. To breathe it in. To be here now. To surrender.

I am so grateful.


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