A Quiet Christmas

Ever since I can remember, Christmas has been an exciting yet hectic time of the year. Everyone rushing out to get presents, organizing parties, making food and trying to make it work seeing as many family members as possible. We would always wake up Christmas morning, open presents, have a quick breakfast, pick our favorite new toy or 2 and jump in the car to begin the journey to see family. First mums side, then dads. It always seemed like such a chaotic day, when all we really wanted to do was play with the new things we had gotten.

While writing that, I noticed how horrible it sounds that I could be complaining about that. I had a  roof over my head, more presents than I ever needed, and a loving family to share it all with. As a child, I loved Christmas. Even with all of the craziness, it was always a happy time of the year.

As I have gotten older, Christmas has changed a lot for me. I find that (in America especially) there is a huge hustle-and-bustle around this holiday, that seems to have gone way overboard. We even have ‘Black Friday’ that now starts Thursday night, so you have to leave your Thanksgiving family gathering to wait in line, fight with other shoppers and act like complete animals just to save a few bucks on some useless material items.

It seems insane to me. Does anyone not see the problem with this? We are spending money we don’t have, on things we don’t really need, for what? Because its Christmas and that is what we are supposed to do?

This year I am doing it differently. Spending the holiday season just Tom and I (and the little nugget of course).  We’re planning to swim in the ocean, work on our bountiful veggie garden, cool off in the creek, cook some fresh food and just relax. Enjoy each others company. Enjoy the quiet. No stress. No worries. Just peace.

We know that this will probably be the last time we get to do this for a while. After this Christmas, it is no longer just us. We are taking the time to be with each other, our new little family. No buying presents that we don’t need, no rushing around, no worrying about which family to see first, just us and quiet.



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