New Year: Reflections & Intentions


As the new year begins, I am making sure to take time and celebrate all the wonderful things that happened in 2016. Reflecting and being grateful for it all.

I’m grateful for the travel I experienced, for the freedom I felt, for the immense love I received every day, for mine and Tom’s health, for my abundance of support on both sides of the world, for learning lessons and continuing to grow, for the lowest points and the highest points, for being happy, for making connections, and most of all, for this little bundle of love in my belly.

It has been a wild year. So different. So exciting. So self-evolving. So unpredictable. So eye-opening. So crazy. And yet, so incredibly beautiful. 

I wouldn’t have changed anything about my 2016, for it has given me knowledge, strength, and the most precious gift of new life.

In setting my intentions for 2017, I don’t want to hold back. Intentions are powerful. I want to use that power. Ask for what I want and make it happen.

My life is beautiful. I have nothing to complain about. But I want to keep evolving, keep learning, keep growing, keep going. Continue on the path to abundance, continue giving and receiving vast amounts of love, continue making goals, continue feeling so immensely alive.

I am reaching for more, backing myself and making things happen.

This is a big year. I CAN FEEL IT. My body is tingling with possibilities.

New life. New love. New journey.

More joy. More creating. More abundance. More energy.

Bring it on.

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