Thoughts on Birth

I always grew up thinking that birth was this scary, painful experience, where you sit in a bright hospital, get a giant epidural and scream in pain until the baby comes out. I believe this is what a lot of people think that it is supposed to be. (Especially in America) We get this from movies, books and media, and always hear the horror stories instead of the good.

Where I am now, the main focus in natural birth. Many women have their babies at home and most have a natural birth at a local birthing center. It takes the fear and chaos out of birth. After all, isn’t this the most natural and instinctual thing I will ever do? We are made to give birth. Our bodies know how to do it, it is engrained in our deepest primal instincts. So why not just surrender to that. Trust my body and have a deep sense of knowing that it will all be okay.  Let it come as it will and surrender to the process. I know there will be pain and that it will be an extremely intense experience, but millions of woman have done it before me and millions more will after. I can do it too.

I believe that we now over think everything so much. Reading a million books and trying to be perfect in every part of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, when it is impossible. All this does is create unwanted stress and pressure on your body and your baby. If I constantly worried about every little thing around me, I would be miserable, and the baby can pick up on that energy.

Sometimes I feel like I’m being a bit too laid back about it all. But stress never suited me anyway. I just trust. I just know that everything will happen the way its supposed to happen. I trust that my body knows what to do and that it will perform the way it knows how. All I know is that I want to bring this baby into a world filled with love, not fear. Not scary bright lights and a million people. Not an overly sterile, unwelcoming, intense world. A world of calm and peace and so much love. After all, this baby is created from pure love.  That is all he knows. I want his first experience in the outside world to be nothing less.


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