Manifest Magic

What a crazy change it has been. Tom and I have been traveling together since the day we met. Waking up, never knowing what the next day, week, or month would bring. Where we would be. What we would be doing. Who we would meet.

Always something new. Always an adventure. Always uncertainty. Beautiful uncertainty.

I was chasing something. Looking for the next thing. The next place. I would seek a quiet and pristine beach with consistent surf. But at the end of the day, wanted a place of peace among nature where we could relax and be alone.

Although things have changed a bit, it still doesn’t feel like monotony, like a ‘normal’ boring life. We are in a new place, meeting new people, seeing new things, finding new adventures. In the past 2.5 years, this is the longest we have stayed in one place. Everywhere else we went, we got bored after a few weeks or months. We thought that we would never be able to settle in somewhere because nowhere could fully satisfy all of the things what we wanted.

Nothing is by accident. All of the places I have lived and visited lead me to where I am now. I go to the most beautiful beach everyday and come back to our peaceful oasis among the trees.  I took pieces from all of the places I went, and set my intentions on what I wanted. And now it is here. I am here, now. I have manifested this life.

This is not to say I am done traveling. Not by a long shot. But being content and happy where I am now is M•A•G•I•C. I don’t feel trapped, or itching to leave, like I always have before.


I think it all comes down to being grateful and present. Not planning too far ahead. Not constantly thinking of the next thing. But realizing every amazing thing you have right now, in this moment. Focusing on the good. Staying in this moment. Look around… Is this the life you have intended? Are you happy? Can you find the good? If the answer to any of those questions is no, the best part is, YOU have the power to change it. To create your life. To manifest the magic. To find your happiness.

You’ve got the power, will you use it ?

3 thoughts on “Manifest Magic

  1. yes, we have the power to change and choose where to go or stay…the question is, are we willing to use that power or no…most of the time, people dont like change..that is why they get stuck at something somewhere…i admire ur courage and flexibility…keep up…its the best learning experience..,i like ur posts…ill be ur 100th follower😊


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