Our Little Sanctuary

I haven’t written in a while. I haven’t felt inspired or any urge release bottled emotions. Honestly, I have just been happily enjoying this pregnancy. Trying to stay present and in tune with my body, the baby, and my partner. We are at 30 weeks now and the time is starting to fly by. I am simple focusing on slowing down, breathing, relaxing, and starting to get all of the bits and pieces together for when our little nugget arrives.

We’ve also been having heaps of visitors lately, and as good as its been to catch up with friends, it also has made us realized how lucky we are that we enjoy being just the three of us now. We are so incredibly happy with where we live, how we live and what we are doing that if we are away from it for a few days, we miss it. We crave it. The peace. The quiet. The nature. The simplicity. The serenity.

It may not be for everyone, but for us, it is a sanctuary. It is everything that we want, and nothing that we don’t need. Simple. Open. Beautiful. It is US. It is OURS.

Everything is aligning. It is all happening. It’s becoming easier and easier to remind myself  to TRUST in this process. Everything falls into place at exactly the right time. We are settled, and nesting, and preparing for our new family life. We are in the final stretch and cannot wait for the little guy to begin enjoying life with us. To bring a new radiant energy into our world. To expand our love and grow our souls. I surrender to it all. I trust it. and I AM READY.


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