Work Wanted for Big Pregnant Lady

So I haven’t had much to write about lately. We have been busy with visitors, heat waves and getting the rest of the baby stuff. Mostly, we have just been enjoying each others company and the last few months of being just the 2 of us. I am 32 weeks now (OMG) and time has not stopped moving. Every week seems to be going faster and faster and I am just trying to slow down. To relax and to enjoy this magic happening inside of me.

It is all becoming so real so quickly. We are seeing babies everywhere and trying to wrap our heads around the fact that, before we know it, we will have one of these tiny humans. When we lay in bed at night, we look over at the empty bassinet and can’t believe that we will soon be sharing our room with a third person. It is so unfathomable, so crazy.

I haven’t felt much inspiration lately. There seems to be so much going on all the time that I just feel the need to breathe and relax and take a step back from it all. Trust that everything will get done when it needs to be done. Trust that I can do this. Trust that it will all happen exactly the way it is supposed to.

With my spare time, I have been looking for jobs. It seems crazy to be applying for jobs at 8 months pregnant but I need to feel like I am contributing in some way. Yes, I am growing our child but at the moment, I need a bit more. I think this pregnancy and this new life has given me a drive and determination that I never had before. I WANT to be able to help and support my new family. I want to feel like I am doing something good. I want to work from home so I can still be there for the baby. I can do this. I want to do this.

I am putting it out there. Intending. Manifesting. Believing that it will all happen at the perfect time.


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