So soon.

I haven’t been writing lately. I have started and stopped quite a few posts because I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to say.   I didn’t feel like I had anything worth writing about. The truth is, the days blend together and just fly by as we get ready for this amazing little … More So soon.

Finding Balance

It is crazy how drastically different each day can be. Some day I wake up, take a long walk, swim laps, do yoga, clean the house, run errands and make dinner and still have energy to burn. Other days, like today, I wake up at 5am, get Tom off to work then fall back to … More Finding Balance

Thoughts on Birth

I always grew up thinking that birth was this scary, painful experience, where you sit in a bright hospital, get a giant epidural and scream in pain until the baby comes out. I believe this is what a lot of people think that it is supposed to be. (Especially in America) We get this from … More Thoughts on Birth

Embrace Time Alone

Throughout this pregnancy, I have spent most of my days alone (not counting the little human growing in my belly). Although occasionally I have an off day where I can go a bit crazy, most of the time I love my independence.  I think that it is really important to be okay with being alone. … More Embrace Time Alone

Pure Bliss

The peace and serenity I have been longing for has arrived. More amazing and more powerful than I had imagined. I had been setting my intentions for finding a serene, nature-filled, loving place to call home, for the remainder of this journey of pregnancy and gateway to motherhood. And I have found it. I am … More Pure Bliss


My head has been spinning. Everything moving at an intense pace. The world whirling around me while I’m stuck in the middle. On auto-pilot. Standing still while feeling like everything else is in hyper-drive. Baby stuff starts to fill the house. Car breaks down. Visitors. Family. Cancelled flights. Traveling. Sickness. Baby showers. Buying cars. Moving … More Overload

Time is flying

Time is flying. I cannot believe that we are almost halfway through!   It seems like only a few weeks ago, I was peeing on a stick and getting the biggest shock of our lives. I am at 19 weeks now and astonished at what a woman’s body can do. The bump has fully popped, out of … More Time is flying