Manifest Magic

What a crazy change it has been. Tom and I have been traveling together since the day we met. Waking up, never knowing what the next day, week, or month would bring. Where we would be. What we would be doing. Who we would meet. Always something new. Always an adventure. Always uncertainty. Beautiful uncertainty. … More Manifest Magic


My head has been spinning. Everything moving at an intense pace. The world whirling around me while I’m stuck in the middle. On auto-pilot. Standing still while feeling like everything else is in hyper-drive. Baby stuff starts to fill the house. Car breaks down. Visitors. Family. Cancelled flights. Traveling. Sickness. Baby showers. Buying cars. Moving … More Overload

Go with the flow

There are some people that do not understand my decisions. And never will. Why I’m choosing to live in Australia. Why I chose to travel instead of pay off my student loans. Why I am having my first child away from friends and family. Why I chose live life, instead of settle for normalcy. The … More Go with the flow